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Pottery and Vases

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Double Creek Pottery :: Eustis, Florida

Joanne and Betty Barwick, a mother and daughter team of ceramic artists, have been "working" together for 34 years.  The work along the way has ranged from functional to floral to whimsical, and, now, their current line of impressionistic painting in a pastel look.

Their work has been collected around the world.  Pieces are food-safe but should be hand-washed.  Do not use in microwave or oven.

Each piece is unique.  Please contact us for our current inventory.

Click on photo for a larger view.

Large Poppy Bowl

14" diameter.

Large Poppy Platter

15" diameter.

"Face" Vase (Awake & Asleep)
Moon Bowl

12" diameter.

Distinctive American Art Pottery from Campbell Studios.

Bill Campbell has been a potter for 30 years.  Across the country, his porcelain is admired for its spectacular color and elegant, crisp forms ... each piece maintaining some of the energy of its creator.  The glazes dance with surprising vibrancy in unexpected patterns.  Functional pots become little moments of celebration within the day-to-day routine.

Click on photo for a larger view.

Morning Glory Bowl

8-1/2" height.

Pansy Bowl

11-1/4" w. X 4" h.

Tulip Bowl

9" height.

Carved Utensil Holder or Vase

8" height.

Baby Wavy Bowl

7-1/2" w. X 3-1/4" h.

Chip N Dip Set

11-3/4" diameter


8 oz.


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